About Odin’s Other Eye

Odin’s Other Eye is an all-original rock band in Colorado –  “classically modern rock for a new age.”  Established in January, 2007, Odin is comprised of four seasoned music veterans:

The Mouth of Odin – Singer/songwriter/guitarist and founder of Odin’s Other Eye.  The Mouth of Odin is a simple mortal conduit for the words of Odin, expressing the god of poetry and wisdom.  He prepares the rest of the band for the 2nd coming…

Odin’s Thunder – Odin’s bassist reps the magickal qualities of Odin.  Stay tuned…

Odin’s Lightning – Whether via axe, flute, violin, cello, harp or other random instrument that crosses his path, the Light opens the doorway to Odin’s new progressive venture.  He is the embodiment of Odin’s noble aspects of war.

Odin’s Drummer Boy – And lastly, here the god of death.  Odin’s drummer boy carries the rhythmic march towards the great beyond – all things must pass, but only after a blazing good show!


Odin’s eye is the sun that burns bright in the sky.  His other eye, of course, is the moon, and a full moon is an auspicious occasion.  Odin hosts special quarterly events – rock concerts and masquerade balls, complete with pagan vendors and random artists.

Please join us for a solstice or equinox event…or any special moonlit evening when Odin comes to play. Come in costume. Or come as ye are. But come on out ye lunatic fringe!


Odin’s Other Eye was founded in January, 2007. Odin would like to thank some of His expats: Larry Swim (bassist), Scott Ganley (guitarist), Kenny Mayes (bassist), Jeff McDowd (bassist), Tim Cassidy (bassist), Mark XXX (bassist), Greg Chmel (guitarist), Paul Skramstad (drums), Bob Powell (guitarist), Kevin Coulson (drums), Norris Schleeter (drums) and Nathan Shafer (bassist).


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