About Odin’s Other Eye

Odin’s Other Eye is an original rock band in Colorado –  “classically modern rock for a new age.”  The material is highly accessible, unique and always a crowd-pleaser…

Odin’s Other Eye is:

The Mouth of Odin (Marc) – Singer/songwriter/guitarist & founder of Odin’s Other Eye

Odin’s Lightning (Jim) – Lead guitar

Odin’s Thunder (Jens) – Bass guitar

Odin’s Drummer Boy (Greg) – All manner of percussion

Odin’s Wild Card (Jason) – Flute, bari, alto & soprano sax, glockenspiel & other surprises

Odin likes to host auspicious events – rock concerts and masquerade balls, often with unique vendors and random artists.  Please join us for a solstice or equinox event…or any special moonlit evening when Odin comes out to play.  And feel free to like us more on Facebook.

Odin’s Other Eye was founded in January, 2007. Odin would like to thank some of His expats: Larry Swim (bassist), Scott Ganley (guitarist), Kenny Mayes (bassist), Jeff McDowd (bassist), Tim Cassidy (bassist), Mark XXX (bassist), Greg Chmel (guitarist), Paul Skramstad (drums), Bob Powell (guitarist), Kevin Coulson (drums), Norris Schleeter (drums), Nathan Shafer (bassist), Barb Ussery (bassist), Pat Zeller (drums), Juan Castorena (bassist) and Matt Schwarz (guitarist/flute/harp).

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