Lots of changes for Odin in 2013…

In the new era, post 12/21/12, Odin’s Other Eye has experienced some significant transformations. Odin welcomed new drummer (and multi-instrumentalist), Kevin Coulson, and new lead guitarist (and multi-instrumentalist), Matt Schwartz to the ensemble. Both of these players share a simpatico with Odin’s mission and add new flavors to the mix.

KC-KidKevin Coulson
Kevin hails from Kalamazoo, MI, where he has been playing drums on and off for over 30 years. While dabbling with guitar, bass and other instruments, his main calling has always been drums. His formal music education was acquired in high school concert band, marching band, and choir while living in Decatur, MI.

After graduating high school, Kevin self-taught further on the kit and other instruments, learning almost entirely by ear. His drum set influences are Steve Adler, Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Vinny Appice, Phil Rudd, Nicko Mcbrain, Neil Peart, Fred Young, and his brother Mark Coulson. Previous bands include: Steppin’ Out, Midnight Fire and Vertigo.

Matt-gtrMatt Schwartz
Through the power of Iron Maiden and Jethro Tull, Matt realized music was awesome and took up the electric guitar. However, the music of Tull in particular proved a gateway to other things, and soon he was getting into classical (Beethoven, Bach, etc.) and folk (traditional and late 60’s, British and Irish) music, and having a go at piano, pipe organ, flute, and cello as well as becoming acquainted with the acoustic and classical brethren of his electric guitar.

Matt’s musical projects include: Astrosmash, NJ based Sleepy Hollow, and some solo folk projects that led to mastery of the harp and a boatload of Renaissance performances. Matt also plays with the Castle Rock Orchestra and has had two orchestral pieces performed by the CRO (both rearrangements of his own progressive-metal songs), and is putting the finishing touches on his first symphony.

Odin’s Other Eye is preparing for Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice coming soon: 12/21/13. Please stay tuned…

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