Thought and Memory

From the Grimnismal (Poetic Edda): “Oer the whole world wide, every day, fly Huginn and Muninn. I worry lest Huginn should fall in flight, yet more I fear for Muninn.”

ThoughtandMemoryGather round, ye lunatic fringe…Odin had two ravens, Huginn [Thought] and Muninn [Memory], that flew over Midgaard every morning and returned each night to inform their master of the world’s deeds. Thusly, He became the most knowledgeable being in existence.

Odin took additional steps towards wisdom, by seeking a deep drink from Mimir’s [Memory’s] well in exchange for an eye. Sacrifice in exchange for wisdom…and so Odin’s Other Eye lies at the bottom of yon well. What’s more, He took up sacrifice for mankind, by hanging on Yggdrasil [the Tree of Life] for nine days and nine nights, pinned by His own weapon, Gungnir [the spear of Odin].

He died and visited the Land of the Dead and learned to speak their language. For His sacrifice, He was rewarded with nine songs and eighteen runes [or Charms], part of the Elder Futhark still in use in our modern age. And now, hear ye a song about Thought and Memory…

Thought & Memory
Music & Lyrics by Marc Olson
Copyright, 2008, all rights reserved.

I send my servants out to sea
Their formal names are Thought & Memory
Across nine worlds fly my two crows
They bring back news of mankind’s woes

Gone at dawn and back at twilight
Illuminating every insight
But now I find a sudden urgency
To lock the gate and set them free…set them free!

I am caught between Thought & Memory
A spirit trapped within a robot’s dream…

I see man’s future but cannot modify
Destiny’s dice have rolled and there’s no time
to hesitate, I must approach the Tree
I’ll us my spear to pin myself willingly

I am caught between Thought & Memory
I’ve seen the final days and they are dark for me
I wish I could believe but wishing’s not the same for me
Guess I’ll sort it all out logically…

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