Tis with a sad heart that we bid farewell to drummer, Kevin Coulson. He and newlywed wife, Sheila, will be trekking back to their familiar roots in Michigan. We wish them a safe voyage and happy life in the sometimes frigid, sometimes sweaty Midwest.

And Odin now welcomes Norris Schleeter. Norris is a familiar face, as he also plays drums in the Legendary Hitchhikers, Denver’s tribute to Tom Petty and his many influences, of which Marc is the lead vocalist. Norris has played drums for a looong time, with many different groups over the years. He has also recorded on many tracks, and has many vices.

Norris is Odin's new drummer!

Norris is Odin’s new drummer!

He will be joining Odin as we saunter down to the pagan festival known as Beltania on this May 9th. He’s up to speed, feeling good after a recent black widow’s bite, and ready to camp out with the some odd folk. Welcome, Norris!