Odin’s Other Eye welcomes Paul back into the band!

Hear ye, mortals…after a two and a half year hiatus, Odin’s Other Eye welcomes original drummer, Paul Skramstad, back into the fold.  OOE briefly disbanded shortly after the Mayan calendar came to a close, and Paul then got injured during a DIY plumbing procedure.  He underwent various surgical maneuvers and healing but is feeling ready to rock Odin once more!


For those of you not familiar with OOE’s genealogy, Paul was the first band member Marc wooed back in 2006 to come create the music of Norse Mythos – “classically modern rock for a new age.”  They were joined shortly thereafter by Paul’s drag racing friend Scott Ganley (on guitar) and Larry Swim on bass (aka the High Plains Drifter).

A myriad of bassists then followed the departure of Larry, including: Kenny, Jeff, Tim  and Mark XXX, and Scott was followed by the Last Guitar Desperado (aka Greg) and Bob.  Fast forward to present tense – the band is now composed of:

Marc:  Vocals and guitar

Nathan:  Bass and backup vocals

Matt:  Guitar, flute, and possibly harp

Paul:  All manner of percussion

Odin’s Other Eye will be out & about again soon.  Please prepare thyself…

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