2016 concert dates for Odin

Odin’s Other Eye will be out in the spring, mortals.  Please prepare ye for the festivities:


Odin returns to Herman’s Hideaway

Saturday, April 16th – Odin’s Other Eye returns to the hallowed halls of original rock venue, Herman’s Hideaway.  Odin will bring two other bands to join us in this spring fling in south Denver.  Watch for discount ticket info soon.


And a return to Beltania!

Saturday, May 21st – Odin revisits the classic pagan spring celebration that is Beltania.  This camping and music adventure takes place at La Foret Conference and Retreat Center, Colorado Springs.  More info to follow…


Odin’s Summer Solstice

Saturday, June 11th marks an early summer celebration for Odin.  Stay tuned for more details…



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