Body painting at Odin’s Mid Summer Dream

Apart from the usual festivities (bands, pagan vendors and masquerade ball with prizes), Odin’s Mid Summer Dream adds body painting to the list of attractions for this event.  Talented local artist, Mythica Von Griffyn will be painting in the balconies of the Buffalo Rose as the bands play on.

Mythica is a strong member of the pagan community, known for her Zen-like wisdom and calm presence.  At previous events for Odin’s Other Eye, she has created chalk drawings to the music and face painting for children.  At Odin’s Mid Summer Dream, she takes it up a notch with her famous, fantasy body paintings.

Mythica has exhibited at many high profile events in the Denver area, including annual displays at the Denver Chalk Arts Festival in LoDo.  She is well-versed in lots of different mediums, but has a special love for body painting.  The balconies of the Buffalo Rose will provide a heightened atmosphere for these artistic endeavors.

Mythica is also well-known for throwing her own special soirees: house parties, yoga au natural, steampunk pirate escapades and the like.  Odin is very pleased to have this one-of-a-kind talent at another of His countdown events.  Please come on out, ye lunatic fringe!

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