A preview of Balder’s Dream

Please give a listen to three new tunes recently recorded at Sonic ConsciousOdin on MySpace.

Balder’s Dream blends the tale of Balder the Beautiful’s demise in contrast to  Christ Consciousness and near-death experiences.  Music by Bob Powell and Marc Olson and lyrics by Marc Olson, copyright 2012 (all rights reserved).

Balder’s Dream

Beyond the Water and the wine

The barren hilltop where I was tried

And my last memory of speaking to a crowd

Was it all a dream?  Did I miss everything?

Like the anger…of the people…all frustrated

I saw the weapons fall to the ground

Except an arrow from a vine

Then darkness fell on me – I heard no other sound

Into the deepest sleep – into the sweetest dream…

No more shadows…no more lost years…no more nightmares

And then the sunlight leads me on

A black horizon drifts along

Escape velocity into a waking dawn

I miss that deepest sleep – back to the agony…

Of the people…all frustrated…all the anger

Come out to Odin’s Mid Summer Dream at the Buffalo Rose on 7/28/12 to hear Balder’s Dream live…

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