Odin’s Other Eye CD now available…

SIX – the hard way…is now available! Order via ye olde internet (paypal: odin@OdinsOtherEye.com) or come to Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice and transact in person. This CD was recorded at Sonic Conscious studios in Denver and mastered with Tone Proper.

OOE-Merch-CD-smThe disc includes:

1) Bury Me Alive
2) Nine Worlds
3) Balder’s Dream
4) Thought & Memory
5) Let It Out
6) Long Way to Go

Plus a few complimentary temporary tattoos of the symbol for Odin’s Other Eye. $7.00 US Dollars; shipping is extra.

Or go for the full package: CD, tattoos, official Odin’s Other Eye bumper sticker and one men’s or women’s T-shirt. $17.00 US Dollars; yes, shipping is still extra.


Odin’s eye is the sun, shining bright in the sky. His other eye is the moon, reflective and representing the awesome qualities of all goddesses that walk this globe. Odin’s Other Eye also symbolizes sacrifice in exchange for wisdom. For Odin pulled His eye from socket to offer the giant Mimir, the Rememberer, in exchange for a drink from the well of Wisdom and Universal Memory. Order Odin’s merch today!

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