Artchik at Odin’s Winter Solstice

Artchik-TigerSculptureLittleton-based artist (Artchik), Pamela Schmidt likes to try different mediums for her craft. She is mostly drawn to human and animal forms, with vivid colors. She makes drawings, paintings, and other general artwork, including leather masks and accessories (finger-less gloves, purses, suede wristbands), ornaments, and unique sculptures.


artchik-PaintedCatsPamela also has a heart for cats and uses her art to support the Cat Care Society, a nonprofit shelter in the Denver Metro area. For the past three years, Artchik has contributed painted statues in The Tails from the Painted Cats fundraiser which supports the CCS. Appropriately enough, she created Meowscarade in 2012. Please come see the unique pieces from this thoughtful local artist at Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice.

For more samples from Artchik, please visit her Etsy store.

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