Nine Worlds

In Norse mythos, there were nine worlds and these were connected to nine levels of consciousness from sub to supra:

NineWorlds-ConsciousDown under, the Norse world of corpses was called Nair, or Hel, along with Jotunheimr, the Land of Giants, and the world of ice (Niflheimr, or Nefethel).

In the conscious realm, Svartalfheimr and Alfheimr were the homes of dark and light elves respectively, and Midgaard, the world of mortals.

Rising in consciousness was the world of fire (Muspellsheimr) and the two tribes of gods and goddesses: Vanaheimr (the Vanir), and Asgaard (the Aesir). All but Midgaard are invisible to the eye.

And so the primordial forces of fire and ice brought about the worlds, and beings of light and darkness, and material creatures. But above, arose the gods and goddesses in each of ye – the reminder of thy charge…

Nine Worlds
Lyrics by Marc Olson
Music by Bob Powell and Marc Olson
Copyright 2012, all rights reserved.

A silent moon shines on me
I step into a world
Where madness breeds in every town

The bankers, docs, and lawyers
All carry “walking papers”
When people scream there is no sound…

Nine worlds condition me
Empire of broken dreams
Expectations overload
Nine worlds devour me
No real consistency
Expectation overload

And so I grab my passport
Pack light and on my way
Through fire, Ice and shifting ground
Young ladies fuel my voyage
While giants curse my name
But Land of the Dead is all I’ve found


Water awakens me
A cold epiphany
From up above I see below
Your hour of destiny
My cue to hit the sea
Nine haunted worlds can take their toll…


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