The Wendy Clark Band kicks off Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice!

WendyClarkAre you ready for 120 proof whiskey rock? The Wendy Clark Band, a new Denver-based original rock band that has evolved from Tequila Mockingbird, kicks off Odin’s Winter Solstice at 8PM this Saturday. Active on the Front Range music circuit and indie scene since 1996, Wendy is a singer, composer, rhythm guitarist, bandleader, independent-recording artist, manager, and promoter

Her music is classified under roots-rock but adds an unmistakable, playful voice and infectious melody combined with modern philosophic meanderings – “been there, hated that” themes mixed with a twinge of nostalgia, lyrically-guided and guitar-driven, thoughtful, catchy, powerful, and kept fresh by delving into multiple genres, and WCB promises to knock the walls down with new technique and creative freedom. Whew! That’s a mouthful…but this girl rocks!


With a new single and video in production, the Wendy Clark Band is working on a new full-length album and will feature guests and regular members of the band with Rhett Haney on bass and vocals, Jim Ruberto on bass, guitars, and sound; Oscar Pop on percussion and vocals, and rotating lead guitarists including Ryan Chrys and Greg Gladman – renewing the energy and spontaneity of a selection of Tequila Mockingbird songs, and releasing a brand new full length CD in mid 2014.

Please come check her out!

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