Creative pirate inventor extraordinaire, Xavia, at Odin’s Winter Solstice

Xavia is the creative mind, artist, owner, maker, designer behind Discerpo. Necto. Decrepitus. Discerpo. Necto. Decrepitus. in Latin, loosely translated means to sever or cut and bind the decrepit. In her own words:

“I enjoy the concept of decay. I generally enjoy working with old materials… Unless a material really speaks to me, or I can’t find something old that fits with my vision of the piece. I do my best to antique it by dying, painting or distressing the edges… So that the finished piece has a very specific look.”


“I would like to achieve a look that that not only reflects me as the designer but also speaks to my customer. I want my work to look like old moth eaten, rained on rusted costumes that have been hidden in the dressing room of an an old abandoned theater. Pieces that feel rich, exotic and full of history, but at the same time are comfortable well constructed, and can be dressed up or down and worn anywhere.”


“I hope to reflect the beauty that can be found in the constant decay and destruction of our environments. I don’t feel I have completely achieved this in any piece yet but stay tuned, for I am working very hard on refining this vision into artistic and creative pieces of clothing…”


Please come see this exquisite designer at Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice!

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