Ostara with Odin – a recap…

Ostara with Odin is coming this Saturday, 3/22/14 at the Mercury Café! Doors open at 7PM and music starts at 7:45PM:

7:45 – 8:40PM Quillion
A (sort of) unplugged set from the co-frontpeople of Quillion – original pop/rock.

9:00 – 9:55PM Pandora Celtica
Acapella pagan choir, with percussion.

10:15 – 11:10PM Odin’s Other Eye
Clasically modern rock for a new age.

11:30PM – close The Threatened
Closing out the night with a hard metal edge.

Come early and visit with all of these amazing artists and unique vendors:

Gelnick1Andrew Gelwick is an emerging Denver artist who uses vintage materials (mostly from garage sales and thrift stores) in his mixed media pieces. This is Andrew’s first time attending an event for Odin’s Other Eye. His art covers the spectrum from Asian philosophical influences to the beauty of a summer evening. You can also find Andrew’s “reject” artwork on Instagram.

ND-necklaceA&E Lakotah Creations – Based in Aurora, Eliase Graywolf and Allison Block create all of their own bead work, dream catchers, medicine wheels, and other Native American motifs. They also make many Ethiopian beaded designs. Everything is handcrafted, with meticulous attention to detail. Materials used are also highly authentic and contain the spirit of their origins.

VixenFringe1VIXENFringe is re-purposed and up-cycled clothing and sexy vintage lingerie – helping all sized goddesses to release their inner vixen. The VIXENFringe collection is extensive, so there is certainly something for every woman, from corsets and dresses to hats and a multitude of accessories. Lydia Smith, designer diva, is also a local blues singer.

JFurney1Hailing from Loveland, Jay Furney is an artist that draws on Abstract Emotionism. The fine detail and color choices in his art convey a spiritual peace and “larger than ourselves” inner knowledge. This is Jay’s first showing with Odin’s Other Eye and we look forward to viewing his portfolio.

KimberlyStewart-massageBack by popular demand, Kimberly Stewart delivers quality massage by the minute. She’s also the girlfriend of Odin’s lead guitarist, Matt Schwartz. So stop over and say “hi” and remove some stress while you are at it.

DonnaThorntonDonna Thorton is a transpersonal counselor/psychotherapist, life coach, healer and artist. She delivers intuitive services for all your business & personal goals, and loves creating inspired people. Here organization, Onederous Tribe, holds a unique place in the pagan community, delivering positive messages and affirmations on a daily basis.

Artchik-WeepingNyadArtChik, Pam Schmidt creates a variety of artwork, including leather masks and accessories, and hand-painted, detailed sculptures. This is her second showing at an event for Odin’s Other Eye and we’re glad she is back with such a unique collection of art. See more here.

SemperFiNecklacesElizabeth Graham of Semper Fi Designs is also back for a second stint with Odin. She is a local artist/jewelry designer from Aurora, specializing in colorful woven jewelry and accessories. Beyond here woven specialties, Beth also has many metal, beadwork and mixed media earrings, necklaces, and personal affects. More of her work here.

Sarah's unique bottle cap jewelry.
Sarah’s unique bottle cap jewelry.
From Lakewood, Sarah Brazee-Cannon is the artist behind Creative Dragons. She makes beautiful hand-painted wooden boxes and her signature bottle cap jewelry. Of course, most of the materials used are from recycled goods and the detail is very evident in every piece she creates. More of Creative Dragons here.

Guest emcee Marc Sylvir will also be joining us to welcome spring. Marc is a DJ for Mile High Underground and author of a book on guided meditation using the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to connect with Spirit.

Please join us!

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